What is a Centrifugal Feeder?

This video showcases what a centrifugal feeder is and how it works. It also describes the different types of centrifugal feeders available. 



Centrifugal Feeders Overview

Centrifugal Feeders are a type of automation equipment that uses centrifugal force and custom tooling to orient bulk, randomly oriented parts to provide a consistent feed of correctly oriented parts to a larger process.

In general, centrifugal feeders contribute to improve line efficiency, decrease downtime, operator safety, decreased part wear, final product consistency, and much more. 

Consistency is key in process automation and centrifugal feeders provide a consistent and constant high speed feed of parts in the same or similar orientation so that each step of the process works predictably minimizing downtime and operator error.

They specialize in processes that call for 200 to 2000 consistently oriented per minute and improve overall efficiency while removing personnel from potentially hazardous settings.